Mindful Day Workshops

14 September 2019

9 November 2019

The workshop Mindful day introduces the principles of mindfulness and guides you through simple mindfulness meditations that can be practiced in daily life.

Time: 9:00 to 17:00 including lunch

Cost: € 150,00 plus 20% VAT. including lunch

Methodology: short lectures, contemplations, mindfulness meditation, mindful yoga, group interactions.

Handout: Workshop Overview, Exercise Tutorials, Literature List and Links

Registration: By mail to office@esberger-mindfulness.com or m .esberger @ aon.at

(Only takes place with at least six registrations)

Launch events and future workshops on “The Mind of The Leader”

Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter on a visit to Vienna.

Rasmus and Jacqueline visited the Danube metropolis for the launch of their new book “The Mind of the Leader – How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results”. The book, published by Harvard Business Review Press, was presented to the Leadership Community at the 10th Peter Drucker Forum. As part of their visit, both authors were present at several events, including a Panel discussion at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and the Impact Hub Vienna.

Mindfulness Training

THU, 6. June 2019, 18:30

Mindfulness training helps to master the challenges of everyday life with composure and mental strength. Our world is increasingly characterized by VUCA (volatility, unpredictability, complexity and ambiguity). We are under pressure and are permanently “on” due to digitization and information overload. The consequences are stress, mental exhaustion, a lack of focus and a depletion of social and emotional competence.

Is there a way out? Mindfulness is the development of a curious, open, non-judgmental mind and the ability to be here in the present moment.

This interactive event will introduce you to the concept of Mindfulness and provide you with simple practical exercises and helpful tips on how to master the challenges of private and professional everyday life with more equanimity and greater well-being.

DR. MARTINA ESBERGER-CHOWDHURY is a pharmacist, mindfulness trainer in organizations and healthcare and a mindfulness coach.


Place: Kärntner Straße 26 (Marco-d’Aviano-Gasse 1), 1010 Vienna