Mindfulness as a tool for leadership, personnel- and organizational development; for stress and burnout prevention.

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT®)

Comprehensive and globally successful program of Potential Project.

  • For large global companies, learning institutions, NPOs and NGOs
  • Customized attitudes and workplace techniques
  • Digital and personal training models
  • Broad range of digital offerings
  • Publications and apps as support tools
  • Assess
  • Implement
  • Measure
  • Sustain
  • Design


The program targets medium companies. The training focuses on recognizing inner attitudes in individuals and teams. Different techniques are used to increase mindfulness. Five to six modules that take place weekly focus on the following topics:

  • The mindful dialogue - communicating with mindfulness
  • The neuroscience basics of mindfulness
  • The handling of stressors
  • The recognition and dealing with difficult emotions
  • Empathy and mindful compassion in the professional context
  • Digitization and its effects
  • Change

Mindful Day

Get to taste Mindfulness in one day.

  • Principles of Mindfulness
  • Learn how neuroplasticity can change your brain
  • Build resilience
  • Store mental energy
  • Recognize attitudes and how to deal with them
  • Create a connection to your body, emotions and sensations


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR for short, is a worldwide standardized 8-week training program for the cultivation of mindfulness in everyday life. Developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn for the healthcare industry in 1970, MBSR combines traditional wisdom, elements of psychology and modern neuroscience.

  • Once a week for two and a half hours for eight weeks
  • In addition, "Day of Mindfulness"
  • Mindful exercises (breathing exercises, exercises for the senses, body-scan and more)
  • Mindful Body Exercises (Yoga)
  • Exchanges on stress, communication, dealing with thoughts and emotions
  • Inquiry

Mindfulness Counselling

One to one sessions for a period of five sessions of one hour each